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Live Poker

Technological developments now make it possible for any player to recreate the sensations of a real live poker game. The online casino uses a high-quality webcam to broadcast the croupier dealing the cards on a real table live. During the game, sensors record the cards used in the game and casino software can then process them so that they can appear on your own screen. The dealer directs each game action managed by each player and finally calculates the winnings that one may have made.

Not all online casinos also offer live poker tables, and it takes a little more searching on the internet to find the right provider that has the best live poker variants with the perfect croupier. Some online casinos offer excellent versions of live poker games and sometimes even the possibility to participate in a live poker tournament. The alternative to this in an online casino is always the electronic poker games or the computer-controlled video poker variants and these also have nothing to do with the live casino versions.

Introduction to the game of Live Poker Online

Live Poker Online

As already mentioned, the game has a real dealer or croupier who represents the bank in the live game. The dealer is always charming and entertaining – just like in a real casino. One should not forget at this point that he represents the opponent during the live game. So he is permanently filmed when you want to play at a live casino table, so you can follow the distribution of the cards directly on the screen.

Everything is transmitted in real time, you just have to play along. There are also many different versions of the poker game. In the following we will report on the Live Holdem Poker variant, which is also the best known of all and certainly the most played version of the game.

Live Poker – How is it played?

Now you sit at a table and the live dealer faces you. The game is also played simultaneously with other live players and all players play with the same hand. Before each game, the pack of cards is systematically shuffled. Here, the croupier uses an automatic shuffling device before cutting the deck and then placing it in the shoe to finally draw the cards from it.

Then all you have to do is click on the chips you want to bet, taking care not to exceed the agreed limits for the table. These can then be found in the so-called ANTE box. However, it is also possible to bet on the BONUS box, where the chances of winning are better, but the playing hands are also rarer.

The croupier then distributes the cards so that the first face-up card is for the player. The second face-down card is meant for the croupier. The third card drawn is given to the player face up so that he can then put his two basic cards together. The fourth card drawn is again dealt face down to the croupier. Finally, the last three cards are drawn from the shoe to complete the so-called flop.

The game software then displays one’s own cards and the flop cards on the screen in one corner, showing the successful combination that one may be able to form from them. You are then asked to make a decision via a pop-up menu between Call or Fold.

If you choose Call, you place twice the base bet (ANTE and possibly BONUS) in the Call box. A timer is then displayed on the screen so that all players participating in the game at the same time can bet or fold in time.

Whatever one’s decision, the dealer then continues the draw with two cards face up and completes the flop. He then reveals his two cards that have been hidden since the start of the game.

The two best possible hands are then displayed on the screen by the computer, those of the dealer and those of the player. If your bet wins, you are paid out immediately and the game continues.

Live Hold’em Poker

Live Poker Casino

The online Live Hold’em Poker games are quite fast, because the time to think is also timed. So you need to have a good command of the basic rules of poker and know your hands well to enjoy a live poker game to the full.

Winning combinations are automatically displayed on the screen, which is really helpful for newbies. However, it is advisable at this point to know the rules of the poker game by heart so that you can also cope with the speed of the game. Most of the time you don’t have more than 10 seconds to decide whether to call or fold, and if you decide to fold your hand is definitely lost, even if it turns out that it could have been successful at the end of the whole draw process.

Variations of Live Poker games

It would be tedious to count the number of game variations in online live poker. However, the online casino providers are always ready to satisfy the player with different versions or different options of the game. This is how you can usually find your favourite game version. Live Holdem Poker, however, remains the best known and most played version of the game, even though there are numerous poker variants. Some online casinos offer a Live Ultimate version and even an Extreme Texas Holdem version. Here the game options are different, but the basic rules of the poker game remain the same.

You can even participate in a live poker tournament at some online casinos and play against other players for very attractive prizes.

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