Live Blackjack: Game Basics

Live Blackjack

The game basics of Blackjack Live are very simple and do not differ from classic Blackjack. The game is played with a classic pack of cards. Only the numerical values of the cards play a role, not their suit. The player and the banker receive a card in turn. The aim is to get as close as possible to the number 21. After you have received two cards, you have the choice of drawing another card or holding your value and hoping that the bank loses with the next card drawn. It’s very simple and anyone who has played 17+4 before will immediately find their way around.

Bets can be placed between rounds

The biggest difference to offline blackjack or the purely digital variant is that in live blackjack you can watch the dealer lay and draw cards. However, it should be noted that a dealer often serves several players at the same time. This can be a little confusing during the first rounds.

What are the requirements for Blackjack Live?

Play Live Blackjack

Firstly, you should be familiar with the rules and basics of Blackjack, because the stakes at the live table are always somewhat higher than at the digital alternatives.

Secondly, you need a really fast internet connection. Because otherwise it can happen that the digital display of the playing field is no longer in sync with the video image. And then the whole live game is no fun at all.

Course of the game and rules

If you want to play Live Blackjack for the first time, you will most likely wonder whether the rules are very different from those in real arcades. However, you can confidently conclude that they are not different at all. Although, as already mentioned, you can find many variations of the game on the internet, the general rules of the game are quite consistent. Namely, the live blackjack game runs with one or more decks of 52 cards each.

Basically, the goal of the live blackjack game is to beat the croupier’s hand, getting as close as possible to the number 21 without exceeding it. Essentially, live blackjack is played just like real blackjack in an arcade. The following is a brief list of the most important steps:

1 Make your bet

In order to play Blackjack, you must first place what is called your ante. This means the first bet you make during the live online game. This means that you make an advance payment. The term “ante” in Latin means something like “before” or “in front of”. If you want to play against other players at a table, the so-called ante must match that of the other players.

2 The croupier deals the cards

Once you have placed your first bet, the live croupier will deal the cards from the shoe directly in front of you. Here you can see that this is the big contrast to the classic online Blackjack, because in the online variant without live stream, the cards are dealt digitally by a computer-aided random number generator.

3 The move: hit, stand, split or double up

During the game, you can see your hand face up, so you can see exactly what hand you have. The croupier will tell you the value. During the live game, you can only see your own hand and one of the croupier’s cards, which is also part of the croupier’s two-card hand. Furthermore, you will see a window with the fields “Hit”, “Stand”, “Split” or “Double Down” and the croupier will ask you which move you have decided on. You must then click on Hit, Stand, Split or Double Down according to the situation.

4 The croupier announces the winners

Live Blackjack game

As soon as all players have decided to keep the hand you have chosen, you will be told whether you have won or not. The croupier takes into account all the hands that are in play and then announces his own “win”, “loss” or “push” and announces who finally won the round.

Playing as a mobile casino?

You can also play Live Blackjack on your tablet, as long as you have the right internet connection. With fast LTE connections, this should not be a problem. But the real casino feeling only comes when you enjoy live blackjack on a big screen at home. Playing on a small smartphone makes little sense. If you want to play a quick round of gambling to bridge the waiting time at the underground stop, you should rather play a quick round of video slots.

Conclusion: Real dealer, casino atmosphere and game chat

Live Blackjack is a real alternative to the digital variants of the popular game of chance. Unfortunately, you still don’t get any gaming advantages by choosing a live table. However, it is much more fun to play Blackjack with a real dealer at the table and not only to watch them deal the cards, but also to be able to communicate with them. Provided your internet connection is fast enough. In the game chat, you can exchange information with the other players at the table.

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