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Rainbow Six Siege betting

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter, multiplayer, mixing strategy and team play in which you choose to play as a character, commonly called “agent”, in reference to the membership of this character to one of the special forces of different countries of the globe (GIGN, SWAT, SAS, etc.). You play in a team of 5 players, friends or random people. After a difficult start Rainbow Six Siege has become one of the eSports games with the largest communities on the internet, the game passed the 35 million user mark in the summer of 2018. The number of active players is growing significantly, as is the number of viewers of the game’s eSport competitions.

In January 2016, the ESL (Electronic Sports League) in association with Ubisoft announced their own professional league on the game which started in March 2017 with season 1 and has continued over the years, currently the Pro League is in its 9th season. The Pro League is spread over 4 regions of the world: North America, Europe, Latin America as well as Asia-Pacific, the winners of which then meet in the finals. There is also a Challenger League which is a sub-division of the Pro League and allows new teams to distinguish themselves.  

The success of the game and these competitions is due to the addition of new content each year such as new agents, new maps as well as free temporary modes such as the “Outbreak” mode released in March 2018, “Mad Houses” released during Halloween or the “ROAD TO S.I.” mode, released in the middle of the 2019 Six Invitational and which immerses amateur players in the universe of the Pro League.

Competitions follow one another at high speed and events such as the Six Major Paris 2018 or the Six Invitational 2019 attract crowds of spectators, both on site and live where Ubisoft has set up “Twitch drops” that reward people according to their viewing time with in-game pendants!

Rainbow Six Siege includes different game modes such as single player with the terrorist hunt where the player, alone or in a team, fights dozens of bots (PvE) as well as situations allowing to learn the characteristics of certain agents. For the multiplayer part (which is the main part of R6S) we have two categories: simple and ranked, in the latter each game won or lost influences your rank, which goes from copper rank to diamond rank; these games are generally longer.

In this multiplayer we find 3 types of mode in R6S, whatever it is there will always be 2 teams of 5, a team of attackers and a team of defenders, the strength of the game being that each agent has a unique characteristic to itself, that there can not be twice the same agent in a game and that the maps encountered allow to apply multiple strategies. Indeed, in these maps, floors and ceilings can be destroyed as well as trap doors and walls which can be reinforced. In short, a map is a real sandbox for the players who decide which strategy to adopt depending on their opponents. Another major aspect of the game is the use of cameras for the defenders and drones for the attackers, if players make good use of them it is possible to turn the tide of a round!

MME – Bomb

Rainbow Six Siege bets

This is the most played and famous mode, competitions are mainly played on this one. To win, the attackers have to defuse a bomb, to do this they have to enter one of the two rooms containing the bomb and place the defuser. The defenders must prevent this action before the time runs out or, if it has happened, stop the defusing process, which takes some time; finally, the round also ends if all the players of a team are dead, as in a classic death match in other games.

MME – Zone Security

Rainbow Six Siege

In this mode the defenders have only one room to defend, this one containing a radioactive container, the attackers only have to enter and eliminate all the opponents in the room before the time runs out.

MME – Hostage

This mode, although interesting in theory, is hardly used by the community. Always before the end of the time limit, the attackers must eliminate the opponent’s equipment or exfiltrate the hostage held in a room of the map

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