Ways to Short-Circuit Kids’ Mobile Addiction

Every home has a smartphone and children these days are introduced to phones at a very young age. As children have the habit of imitating what you do, you need to be very careful in using electronic devices in front of your children. It is not that you must not allow your children to use such devices but if you feel that your kids are whining to go out and play or if your child has a tough time in interacting with his peers in school and cannot sit without having a tablet or mobile phone in his/her hand at home or anywhere else then you might have to find ways to curb is addiction.

The following are some of the tips which will help you to break down that addiction:

Be an example:

Children tend to follow you in whatever you do. Thus if you have mobile phones at the dinner table, your kids would want one too. It is not fair to be addicted to mobile phones and expect your children not to be addicted. Only when you set an example, they will follow that and do what you ask them to do. For instance, if your child refuses to eat, do not show them your mobile phones in order to make them eat; this can turn into a habit and your child will refuse to eat in the future without having a mobile phone in his/her hand.

Tell them about the time they will be wasting:

Instead of screaming at your child for using the mobile devices, try to sit down and politely explain to them how much time they are wasting by sitting with their mobile phones all day and how many other things they can do with that time. Teach them the value of time and how the life they get in mobile phones are temporary and that they have to face a real world out there.

Take control:

If your child does not listen to your advice, then you can take control and limit their use of electronic devices. You can give the devices to them for a certain amount of time and then take it away from them after that. You are the parent of your child, and you have all the rights to take control of your child’s addiction. They might mourn and sulk for a few days, but later they will understand.

Fill their time with other things:

Most of the kids get addicted to mobile phones as they do not have other interesting things to do at home. You can plan for a small picnic or take your child out to the market so as to keep their mind occupied with something. Their mind will be distracted by the other activities you provide them. Know More