CPAC to broadcast FPANE hearing in Supreme Court

The CPAC Parliamentary Channel will broadcast the full Supreme Court of Canada Parents’ Federation hearing on Saturday, October 12, at 9 am, Maritimes time. Here is a brief description of the steps taken by the Federation of Parents to reach the highest court in the country.

In December 1996, the Parents’ Federation initiated a legal process to obtain homogeneous secondary schools and homogenous programming in these schools. Six co-applicant parents support this approach and the Federation presents its case to Judge Arthur LeBlanc in October 1999. The latter makes a favorable decision on June 15, 2000 and reserves the right to maintain jurisdiction over the case until full implementation of its decision. The province of Nova Scotia is appealing Justice LeBlanc’s decision to retain jurisdiction, and the Court of Appeal in 2001 ruled in favor of the province. The Parents’ Federation decided to appeal turn to the highest court in the country. The case is no longer about obtaining homogeneous schools and homogeneous programming but of course the right of a judge to keep jurisdiction over a case. The Supreme Court of Canada hearing took place on October 4.

Among the arguments presented to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Parents’ Federation emphasized the importance of maintaining jurisdiction over a file on the rights to education so that a judge can ensure the execution of his decision as soon as possible. Indeed, and particularly with regard to the rights to education, whenever the enforcement of a decision is delayed, it is the children who are penalized and who risk losing their rights to be educated in French.

The Federation of Acadian Parents of Nova Scotia invites you to watch the Supreme Court hearing in the comfort of your own home. An appointment not to be missed !